CloudSpec incorporates Marama Labs' dual pathway technology in an easy-to-use desktop instrument. Taking a spectrum with the CloudSpec is as easy as with a regular UV-Vis spectrometer and our analysis-focused software instantly turns absorption data into analyte concentration.

CloudSpec has a lab-friendly 45cm x 30cm footprint and connects to a Windows PC.

No particle separation needed

Effortlessly measure absorption, extinction, and scattering spectra with the CloudSpec instrument.

Small footprint

Save space with a desktop-friendly size.

CloudSpec Performance

CloudSpec has all the features of a high-quality UV/Vis spectrometer – reliability, reproducibility, versatility and usability.  The spectral range is 240nm to 850nm and works with samples ranging from completely transparent to as cloudy as milk. 

CloudSpec uses standard quartz cuvettes, loaded using a simple detachable collar into a custom measurement tray.

Sample prep = dilution to absorb within the instrument's dynamic range.


For full UV-Vis spectra of samples

10-15 sec

Sampling times

Sample icon.


Introduce icon.


Measure icon.


Result icon.


Simple and Intuitive software

CloudSpec connects to any Windows PC running our intuitive software.

The software provides a simple and slick interface to take reference and sample spectra, visualize them, and generate tables of extinction/absorption OD.


I already have a UV/Vis spectrophotometer. Why would I need a CloudSpec?

CloudSpec has all the features of a traditional UV/Vis spectrometer; however, its true value is in analysing cloudy samples. An additional advantage of CloudSpec is that absorption and extinction are always measured – any difference between these indicates scatter is present, which may increase the apparent absorption of your analyte, leading to false results.

With regular UV/Vis, you might not even know that your sample is cloudy. Because scatter increases as λ-4 scatter is particularly problematic in the UV and samples that look visually transparent can be highly scattering at shorter wavelengths.

Are there any consumables required to run the instrument?

CloudSpec requires only standard quartz cuvettes. No consumables, e.g., dyes, lysing agents, etc., are required.

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