Spectroscopy Unfiltered

Spectroscopy Unfiltered

CloudSpec™ — A new era for UV-VIS spectroscopy

At MaramaLabs, we have developed the CloudSpec - the world's first UV-Vis spectrophotometer that can simultaneously measure absorption, extinction, and scattering spectra of clear and turbid liquids.

The new CloudSpec instrument

Spectroscopy Unfiltered

UV-Vis spectroscopy is a gold-standard tool in many labs, used to accurately and routinely analyse a wide range of samples. Despite its widespread use, turbid samples pose a significant challenge for UV-Vis measurement, requiring samples to be extensively processed via filtration, centrifugation, extraction etc. This means measurements take longer, samples are denatured and accuracy can be affected.

With the CloudSpec, UV-Vis spectra of samples can be obtained with ease, irrespective of sample turbidity. No clarification steps, such as centrifugation or filtering, are required for most samples. This leaves the sample intact, reduces sample preparation steps and improves measurement turnaround time.

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Sample turbidity is an issue for spectrocscopic analysis in a wide range of contexts. A few examples of where the CloudSpec can be used are listed below:

  • Quantifying Colour and Phenolics of Fermenting Wines
  • Analysis of Wastewater
  • Bitterness and Colour of Beers
  • Extinction, Scattering and Absorbance of Nanoparticles
  • Protein Quantification in Cell Cultures
  • Fat and Vitamin Content of Milk

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