Super-fast drug load of nanoparticle formulations

CloudSpec™ quantifies therapeutic content of nano-formulations, such as RNA in LNPs, in seconds with a unique accurate and precise fluorescence-free technology.

CloudSpec Device

Quantify RNA in LNPs in seconds

UV/Vis is an established convenient method for concentration of RNA, DNA and other biological molecules, but encapsulation in nanoparticles makes that difficult. The particles often scatter more light than they absorb, giving a large error in the analysis.

Marama Labs' Scatter-Corrected Absorption (SCA) avoids interference from scattered light by design – not mathematical fit - for fast and accurate drug loading of common nanoparticle formulations.

Scatter-Corrected Absorption

Our patented SCA technology enables simple and effective use of accepted UV quantification methods by measuring the absorption spectrum without the scatter that clouds regular UV/Vis analysis.

Scatter inherent in biological samples - nanoparticles, cells, bacteria, etc., is avoided without any a priori knowledge of the particle size or makeup.
CloudSpec cuts through cloudiness for rapid and easy quantification and particle characterisation.

Applications of CloudSpec

Just like regular UV/Vis, there are many applications for CloudSpec. If your sample scatters light, but you need a quantitative analysis in the UV or visible region, then CloudSpec will provide the answer.

Therapeutic particles <300nm in size, such as liposomes, LNPs, metal NPs, etc., are ideal as they scatter light significantly and are otherwise difficult to analyse non-destructively. Growth in bacteria and cells can be monitored to understand the underlying processes.

Abstract illustration of CloudSpec applications